Visit Coshocton
Visit Coshocton

105 Miles, Endless Adventure

Follow the Three Rivers Ride through rolling hills and past unique attractions.

By Brianna Long

Route 145, Casey Rearick.

Whether you like to ride windows down or no windows at all, Coshocton — a quaint county nestled between the Appalachian foothills, with countryside views and hidden historical charm — is a rider’s dream. On the Three Rivers Ride, motorcyclists and motorists alike can travel on 105 miles of gravel-free road all throughout Coshocton County and take stops at delicious eateries, preserved bits of history, picturesque gardens and much more. Get a taste of a slower pace at these iconic stops on your drive through Coshocton.

Stroll through Historic Roscoe Village, Casey Rearick.


Step into the 1800s and walk the streets of a bustling canal town at Historic Roscoe Village. This small town was an essential stop for travelers and tradesmen along the Ohio and Erie Canal. Today, the traditions of the era are still carried out. You’ll find beautifully preserved architecture, costumed reenactors, a practicing blacksmith and boundless opportunities to learn about life in the 19th century. Peruse shops, restaurants and gardens after taking a tour. For the full historical immersion experience, be sure to take a horse-drawn canal boat ride before getting back on the road. For the full historical immersion experience, be sure to take a horse-drawn canal boat ride before getting back on the road. The canal boat is open Memorial Day through mid-October.

Postcard-worthy views at the Gospel Hill Lighthouse, Visit Coshocton.


Skip the North Coast for this no-coast, inland lighthouse. Standing at 65 feet tall, from base to dome, the Gospel Hill Lighthouse in Warsaw, Ohio, showcases a 360-degree view of the surrounding countryside, forests and fields through the change of seasons. The lighthouse is open to the public Monday through Friday 9 a.m.–3 p.m. or by appointment. Visit in the fall for bright foliage, see fields of snow in the winter or enjoy spring blooms and summer greenery. Don’t forget your camera and don’t forget to have enough space for all the pictures you’ll want to take from this unrivalled Ohio view.

See the blooms at Clary Gardens, Visit Coshocton.


Stretch your legs at the Clary Gardens, a 20-acre botanical garden full of trails, trees, flowers, historical venues and much more. Take the ½-mile Woodlands Trail loop and spot nature lurking in the Woodland Pond, then seek out the unique natural geologic formations rich with local history. Don’t miss a walk through their infamous rose garden to see a vast variety of colorful, lush blooms. Children’s programs and more events take place throughout the year, so plan your stop accordingly if you’re looking to catch an activity or event.

Stock up on slices galore at Pearl Valley Cheese, Visit Coshocton.


Sample and savor award-winning cheese produced right in Coshocton County at Pearl Valley Cheese for your next pit stop. Located just south of Amish country, this small cheesemaker is well-known for its Swiss, but you’ll also find pepper jack, Colby and more. Watch the cheesemaking process, learn about the local dairy industry and take home your favorites for a snack — if the cheese lasts the road trip back, of course.

Raise a glass to adventure at Wooly Pig Farm Brewery, Visit Coshocton.


Transport yourself to Northern Bavaria with handcrafted brews at Wooly Pig Farm Brewery. As brew master Kevin Ely honed his German beermaking skills abroad, he came across a rare breed of curly-haired pigs. He brought his brewing knowledge – and the idea to raise wooly pigs of his own – back to this Coshocton brewery. The namesake animal of the brewery can be found munching on the spent grain and foraging for walnuts, alongside sheep and horses. Try their Classic Gose, a tart wheat beer with a hint of salt, or the Marzen, a clean, malt-forward beer.

Glimpse history at The Old Stone Fort, Visit Coshocton.


Before your road trip ends, you won’t want to miss this mysterious piece of history. The Old Stone Fort in West Lafayette is thought to be the oldest building in Ohio and the Midwest, having been constructed around 1679 by a French explorer named d’Iberville (one of famous French explorer LaSalle’s aides). No one is completely sure why it was constructed, but maybe you’ll have some speculations of your own on your visit.

After checking this mysterious Ohio landmark off your itinerary, drive on to West Lafayette. The quaint town is worth exploring for its restaurants, shops and unique attractions.

Enjoy the patio at Ravens Glenn Winery, Casey Rearick.


Before you close out your road trip through Coshocton, unwind at one of seven wineries located in the county — all of which are a part of the Three Rivers Wine Trail. Each winery — Baltic Mill Winery, Indian Bear Winery & Lodge, Rainbow Hills Winery & Inn, Raven's Glenn Winery & Restaurant, Stone Crest Vineyard, Yellow Butterfly Winery and YOLO Winery — offers well-loved and totally unique flavors sure to please your palate after a long day of travel. Some locations even have lodging if you’re looking to extend your trip. Taste your way through Ohio wines and find your new favorite bottle, or two … or more.

Scope out some good weather and plan a ride on the Three Rivers Motorcycle Trail in Coshocton County. It’s easy to customize your route to please anyone in your party. Stop at Roscoe Village and the Old Stone Fort for history buffs, find fantastic views at Clary Garden and the Gospel Hill Lighthouse, and feed the foodies at Wooly Pig Farm Brewery, Pearl Valley Cheese and select wineries.

Spot treasures around Coshocton, Casey Rearick.